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Color and Light belong to one another. They are deeply linked because color is really electromagnetic waves lengths that we can see, i.e. the rainbow. In choosing any paint color the light of the room has to be seriously considered. Which way the windows are facing determines different colors of light and what is outside the windows also greatly effects the interior light.

Any harmonious space that we feel comfortable in or that gives us pleasure works because the colors are balanced. Balancing color, whether it is on the wall or in the carpeting, furniture and accessories is a major design skill. Many people have an instinct for color but don’t know how to begin. Or they get started and then become lost. Balancing color has a lot to do with a few simple rules. If the rules of color are understood the subjective color selection process is quite simple.

I use only full spectrum paint in specifying color. Full spectrum paint is not a brand but a concept of mixing paint. Most paint companies add black or gray to “knock down” a color that is too intense which makes the color die as light is removed. No black, gray or oxide is used in the mixing full spectrum paint, thus allowing the changing light of our living and working spaces to respond fully to the color. Benjamin Moore paint's Color Stories Palette and C2

paint are two national companies that offer full spectrum paint.